Debt Management Planning

Debt Management Planning is a unique service that Waltzer Law Group is proud to offer. We are the first law firm to describe and provide this service the way we do.

When Bankruptcy is not best for my clients, sometimes all my client needs is a little coaching.

Debt Management Planning is not just debt consolidation. We get to the root of the problem and look at your entire situation. We consider your household income, the likelihood that it will go up or down. The household expenses and the likelihood that they will go, unfortunately, up.

Our goals are not just to provide an ‘isolated service’ to our clients. We want to help them fix their debt-cycles. Even if I help a client through bankruptcy, what good is it if the client has a budget that puts him in debt again three years later? We try to stop that cycle and fix the broken budget. There is always a way. You should not expect to do it alone. Even the top CEOs of the top companies in the world will tell you that they get advice and help when facing their own finances.

We do this automatically with our bankruptcy clients. However, for the non-bankruptcy client, this service is equally helpful.

If you need a Debt Management Plan, an expert attorney will really spend time with you helping you to budget and plan and create a plan that eliminates your debt.

Sometimes even a person who is knowledgeable and experienced about financial management needs to hear what he or she knows from a trusted advisor. It is like the great accountant who doesn’t file his own taxes on time. Whatever your challenge, we are here for you. I am personally here for you.