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What is my solution to get out of debt?

We see the problems every day. Debt, fear of losing a home or car, creditor harassment, or concern that some of these nightmares will soon become a reality are what bring people to the point of needing assistance. I understand the pain and anxiety you must be experiencing. My clients often come to me complaining […]

How does bankruptcy work?

There are many ways to answer the question “How does bankruptcy work?” Here are three descriptions of bankruptcy: A summary of bankruptcy, why it exists and what it can do. The ten steps of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (or 8 steps if you have a good attorney) The three main kinds of bankruptcy A summary […]

What will bankruptcy cost?

The cost of chapter 7 bankruptcy is: Filing fee: $399 Credit counseling: $70-$100 depending on the service used. Lawyer fee: case specific but please read below: Our prices are low because we file a lot of cases and we can do things very efficiently. We pass that savings to our clients. However, we don’t want […]

How can I stop the creditor calls?

The way to stop creditor calls for a while is to hire an attorney to take the calls. Once creditors are notified that you are represented by an attorney, they must contact you through your attorney. However, this strategy is limited because while creditors wont call you any more, they can sue you and freeze […]

How Can I Save My Home In Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can help you save your home in several ways. The first way is with the “automatic stay”. The short explanation is that once you file bankruptcy, the law stops all your creditors- including your mortgage company- from taking any collection action at all. This stops foreclosure, calls, repossession and every other form of collection. […]