Have More Time and Energy For The People and Things You Love

It might sound crazy, but stress from debt steals your life. It distracts you, takes your time. Makes you work overtime or if you can’t get more work, it just makes you feel bad. In ancient times, people who could not pay all of their debs became indentured servants (something like slaves) to the creditors. Imagine if you could not pay a Citibank credit card and your punishment was that you had to work for free for Citibank for many years. With interest and other added costs, the creditors would get debtors to work for free for their entire lives. It was terrible.

In the United States, we have said NO to such a scheme. How different is it if you are killing yourself to repay Citibank (or another creditor), but working for someone else. Though the financial structure is different, practically speaking, it isn’t so different for you. At the end of the day, you are working yourself to death just to pay off a debt that wont go away. Bankruptcy breaks that cycle.

By eliminating your debt with bankruptcy, you have a fresh start. If you are unemployed, you will have an easier time finding a job because you wont have the giant weight of ‘debt’ on your mind. If you are working, you will have an easier time saving money. You will regain control of your life, of your destiny. Bankruptcy is a path to freedom.

One of the greatest joys is to spend time with your children, your spouse, your friends or even yourself doing a hobby or just relaxing. Like the gift of peace, the ability to retake control of your time is a wonderful gift that comes with bankruptcy.

Here is a list of some of the meaningful things my clients have told me they were able to do after they got rid of their overwhelming debt. These are all things my clients told me they could never do before they had the freedom granted by a well handled bankruptcy.

  1. Spend time with my children
  2. Travel
  3. Take a promotion (in fact, many companies, and government agencies will not promote people with debt. I often get clients who were told by their boss at work that if they want to get promoted, they have to file bankruptcy. It is illegal to discriminate against someone for filing bankruptcy, but it is legal to discriminate against someone for having debt.
  4. Do a hobby
  5. Relax, enjoy quiet time without the anxiety
  6. Spend time with parents and friends.
  7. Go to the movies. I have heard a could times that clients were working so much overtime that they had not seen a movie in years.
  8. Read a book
  9. Go back to school
  10. Change careers

Not only will you have more time and less debt-distraction, but because your stress level will be lower, you will be more healthy and have more energy and focus for your endeavors. Speak with any bankruptcy attorney in my office to learn more about life beyond bills.