How can I stop the creditor calls?

The way to stop creditor calls for a while is to hire an attorney to take the calls.

Once creditors are notified that you are represented by an attorney, they must contact you through your attorney. However, this strategy is limited because while creditors wont call you any more, they can sue you and freeze your accounts and garnish your wages.

To permanently stop creditor calls you have two choices:

The only ways to permanently stop creditors are to pay the creditors off or file bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy will stop all collection activity by creditors no matter what the stage of collection. If the debt is dischargeable, the activity will be stopped forever. If the debt is not dischargeable, such as student loans or recent tax debt, the collection will only be stopped temporarily.

One good thing about hiring an attorney is that many creditors will refrain from suing you. If they think you are going to file bankruptcy anyway, they might be likely to invest in additional collection activities. This is not guaranteed, but it is a trend we see in our practice.

At Waltzer Law Group one of the services we provide is that we handle all creditor calls BEFORE you are paid in full. That way, even if it takes you a little while to pay for your bankruptcy, you can enjoy relief instantly.