Waltzer Law Group Provides Mediation and Non-Litigated Conflict Solutions in the following areas:

– cross-cultural disputes
– labor / management
– contracts
– organizational (disputes within management or between parts of an organization)
– interpersonal disputes (family law, trust&estate conflicts, relationships)
– political and organizational communication, strategic planning and damage control
– general communication consulting
– single party managed communication
– debt negotiation

Even if you are unable to get the other party to the table, we can help manage communication so to prevent escalation and litigation.

Contact us by telephone or email: [email protected]

New York: 212-868-0880 (Manhattan)
Hudson Valley: 914-287-0880  (Tarrytown, Rhinebeck, Kingston)
New Jersey: 201-234-8384 (Hackensack, Woodbridge, Trenton)
International: +1 646-289-8622 (Can travel or Video Conference)

David Waltzer is a seasoned mediator having handled labor/management disputes, contract disputes and interpersonal disputes since the 1990s. Parties include NYC Board of Education, Rutgers University, Local 32BJ, numerous contractors, spouses, siblings, partners, and individuals in every sector who hit an impasse with another party. Mr. Waltzer has been a mediator for the Essex County Court Mediation Program (with unprecedented success and satisfaction outcomes). Mr. Waltzer has also aided in corporate and political communication for organizations and politicians in NY and NJ.  Mr. Waltzer is also the founder/owner of Waltzer Law Group Bankruptcy Law Firm which is one of the leading consumer and small business bankruptcy firms in NY and NJ. If you are interested in debt related services please go to: www.waltzerlawgroup.com