Peace and Health From Removal Of The Stress of Debt

Peace of Mind and Health From Removal Of The Stress Of Debt

In the next subchapter, I will discuss the stress of collection activities. However, right now I want you to consider, even if there were no creditor calls, no collection letters, no wage garnishments or other creditor yuck, how does it feel to have debt? It is a great silent weight. It can weigh down your dreams; it can keep you up at night; it can steel your energy and cheer.

Debt is not just a nuisance or aggravation; debt kills.

Virtually every report on stress indicates that money and debt are top causes of stress and stress related illness. Debt is also cited as a major cause of divorce. (link to:

Tough economic times and rising costs of living seem to be leading to increasing debt stress, 14 percent higher this year than in 2004, according to an index tied to the AP-AOL survey.

Among the people reporting high debt stress in the new poll:

  1. 27 percent had ulcers or digestive tract problems, compared with 8 percent of those with low levels of debt stress.
  2. 44 percent had migraines or other headaches, compared with 15 percent.
  3. 29 percent suffered severe anxiety, compared with 4 percent.
  4. 23 percent had severe depression, compared with 4 percent.
  5. 6 percent reported heart attacks, double the rate for those with low debt stress.
  6. More than half, 51 percent, had muscle tension, including pain in the lower back. That compared with 31 percent of those with low levels of debt stress.

Now imagine for a moment that there is no debt. You don’t have to make credit card minimums. You can plan savings for yourself or your children. You can save money and go to school. You can be at peace. It could save your life.

Above all else, this peace is what bankruptcy can provide. Now, bankruptcy alone will not achieve it. You will have to improve your budgeting, possibly change your spending habits, do some ‘cleaning-up’ of how you deal with and how you think about money.

“Even if you are fiscally conservative and your attitudes about money are caution and frugality, the problem is that life changes around you. The way money works, the way creditors work is not static; it changes. As creditors don’t play by the old codes, to survive you might have to rethink some of your long-held attitudes.”)

Peace. That is the greatest benefit of bankruptcy. Freedom to move on and let go. That is the gift of the wise lawmakers in the United States Congress who in creating the bankruptcy laws were telling you: “It is ok, let it go. You tried hard and you deserve a fresh start. We will protect you from the old creditors, so that you have a chance to start fresh and be happy and productive”. Remember, these are not a bunch of hippies. These are Americas most successful and often fiscally conservative people; the members of the Senate and Assembly of the United States of America! Whatever your thoughts and attitudes about bankruptcy, if bankruptcy can help you it is a tool you can not ignore.