The Importance Of An Attorney Who Tells You Like It Is

It is simple. You need an attorney who will tell you like it is because it will save you time, save you money and give you peace and dignify your process. If you want advice on how to find the best bankruptcy lawyer click here. Otherwise, keep reading to learn about what makes different kinds of bankruptcy and debt solution lawyers tick.

All of us, even those in the “not-for-profit” organizations are out here to make money. We all have kids to feed, rent or mortgages to pay and daily expenses to cover. However there is a problem in that some attorneys feel the best way to make money is to tell you what you want to hear, and profit from what you don’t know. The right kind of attorney does the opposite. He wants you to empower you. With the attorney who tells you like it is, you can rest knowing that even if it is a hard truth, even if it means he will make less money, your attorney will tell you the way things stand. You see, the difference between an attorney who tells you like it is, and the ‘other’ type of attorney is the business model.

The attorney who tells you like it is has a unique business model. His business model is based on elevating the consumer, dignifying the client. His business model is as follows: The best way to make a lot of money is to do honest and excellent work. That way there is less stress and clients will like you more. Clients will recommend their friends; they will be your friends. This kind of attorney has clear and understandable information because he has nothing to hide.

The ‘other attorney’, who won’t tell you like it is, operates another way.
His business model is: the best way to make money is to take advantage of the uneducated consumer. He might charge you a low fee just to get your business, and then neglect or mess up your case after you pay. He might overcharge you because you are scared and desperate for relief. His way of doing things is to protect and preserve the myth of the “Smart Attorney” and “Clueless Client”. His retainer agreement is probably hard to understand and has small print. He might not take time to really see how you feel and treat you like a person. That all goes back to his business model; take advantage of the uneducated consumer.

Unfortunately, most businesses think “money first” and not “truth first”. That is why it is so confusing and there is so much misinformation out there. Debt Negotiation and Settlement Companies tell you their way is the best. Credit consolidation companies tell you their way is the best. You hear all kinds of crazy information about bankruptcy including the big 5 myths you can read here.

Waltzer Law Groups Business Model
We have three service goals for all clients.
If any one of the goals is not met, we consider it a failure.

  1. provide an efficient, errorless, low-stress bankruptcy
  2. do everything possible to dignify the client in his or her difficult time
  3. make the client love us as a firm. Satisfaction is not enough; we want love.

When you come into my office, I will only have one thing in mind: what is the best solution for you. I strongly believe that by prioritizing and elevating my client, I will elevate myself and make more money. It seems to work because I have helped thousands of people and I get referrals and wonderful testimonials every day.

In order to work for Waltzer Law Group, all staff must share this value. We do everything from Debt Negotiation to Counseling to Bankruptcy. But we don’t pick the solution that is best for us; we only pick the solution that is best for you.