What is my solution to get out of debt?

We see the problems every day. Debt, fear of losing a home or car, creditor harassment, or concern that some of these nightmares will soon become a reality are what bring people to the point of needing assistance. I understand the pain and anxiety you must be experiencing. My clients often come to me complaining that they can not sleep soundly or they are filled with anxiety. My team and I do everything possible to give peace to our clients- to give them a real fresh start.

The first problem is that there is so much misinformation out there. The misinformation comes on the web, in radio and TV announcements, and through the rumor mill- even from well intentioned friends and family!

So what’s the first step?  The first step is to be informed. Know the facts so that you can find the right person to give you the best solution for your situation. The information you will find at Waltzer Law Group will help you make an informed decision about your own path to financial freedom and peace of mind.

For most clients that come into my office the solutions fall into one of six categories. Sometimes we even combine solutions when it is best for our client.

1- Stay the Course: continue paying, or not paying your debt; basically doing nothing different at all.

2- Debt Negotiation (also called Debt Settlement): Though Waltzer Law Group attorneys are expert debt negotiators, we only recommend this when necessary. Debt Negotiation can destroy your credit and cost you thousands of dollars for nothing. Don’t believe the misinformation that comes from ‘debt settlement’ companies. These companies are usually as bad or worse than the creditors themselves. That being said, for some people debt settlement IS the best solution. So, I always consider it when finding the right solution for my client.

3- Chapter 7 bankruptcy:  Gets rid of all your dischargeable debt in one shot.  The simple explanation is that most debt is dischargeable. The main kinds of debt you can not wipe out in a chapter 7 bankruptcy are:
student loans,
some tax debt,
divorce liability,
debt from fraud,
secured loans on things you want to keep (like a mortgage for your home)

4- Chapter 13 bankruptcy : Repays your debt or a portion of it over several years.

5- Debt consolidation (where you set up a repayment plan over several years outside of bankruptcy). This too has its dangers and should only be used when necessary.

6- Financial Planning: This is getting expert advice on how to handle your debts and finances, personal or business. Many of my clients are not served well by any of the other options. They just need someone to help them plan how to get out of their situation. They just need some sound, honest advice and coaching.

Facing debt is scary, and requires courage. The great news is that you have already taken the most important step in finding your debt-solution. I know that because you are reading this right now. You are seeking expert assistance. Explore our site or call us for help. Financial freedom is closer than you think!