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David S. Waltzer - Founder and Chief Legal Counsel
David Waltzer

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You are probably facing overwhelming debt. Whether from credit cards, foreclosure, divorce, the bad economy, or medical illness, you need the best advice and service when eliminating your debt. I have handled thousands of successful cases. I have attorneys with over 30 years of experience that are also up to date with the most recent developments in the law. We are also experienced in bankruptcy alternatives. We are gentle with clients and firm with creditors and have the best customer service attainable. I am proud that my bankruptcy cases are usually approved without complication in about one month from when we file. You creditor harassment ends the day you hire Waltzer Law Group and you will love my team. We take all our calls and treat you with the high level of respect you deserve. Federal Bankruptcy Law is one of the only laws that allows me to improve the lives of my clients and their families. I am passionate about what I do and I feel truly grateful for the opportunity to help my clients get the peace of a new beginning.

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A Bankruptcy Lawyer I can recommend! - Aug 20, 2009

I contacted David Waltzer last fall regarding a personal bankruptcy case. David was very proficient, compassionate and responsive. He was exceptionally sensitive to the difficulty of bankruptcy, for me personally. More »

Professional and fast bankruptcy lawyer - Aug 20, 2009

David Waltzer and his team are a helpful, kind and extremely knowledgeable bankruptcy law firm. It is a tremendously difficult and stressful time when declaring bankruptcy , so having a good lawyer on your side is indispensable. More »

Caring & Relaxing Bankruptcy Law Firm - Aug 20, 2009

I went to this Firms Manhattan Location and was pleasantly surprised. Facing bankruptcy was a harsh reality for me to accept. I was drowning in credit card debt & the thought of going bankrupt terrified me. More »