Why Work With Waltzer Law Group?

We know that choosing an attorney can be overwhelming. There are many attorneys out there, and it is hard to know who will really perform as promised. Worse yet, attorneys can be tricky. Some mislead about fees and timelines, some exaggerate their abilities. One of my favorites is when a firm has three attorneys who each practiced law for 10 years, and they advertise “30 years of experience”. I have seen some advertisements for “190 years of experience”. It all becomes absurd.


Waltzer Law Group is a highly competent law firm. We are not, as many other lawyers do, just guessing our way through things. We have experience that counts as well as attorneys with 30 years of experience each. Our attorneys have filed over 20,000 cases and we have handles some of the most complex Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 matters imaginable. You will not surprise us. We have also helped many businesses get back on their feet through negotiation with creditors and consulting. We have had a case published by the New York Times and have been cited by CNN Money, The Wall Street Journal, and The Westchester Business Journal. We are proud of hour top national rankings and our A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.


We truly care about you. When your lawyer really cares, he is likely to be thorough and listen carefully. This means that you are heard and your case wont ever have surprises. Mr. Waltzer’s background was in international human rights before he moved into the bankruptcy sector 15 years ago. Mr. Waltzer and everyone on the WLG team is here because we love helping people. We don’t just ‘process’ your bankruptcy. We look at your entire situation and watch for every opportunity where we can help change your situation for the better. When someone is our client, we encourage calls and questions even long after your case has successfully concluded. We are in this business to serve and we ALWAYS take our calls. That terrible experience people have with some lawyers where they only get voicemail or an operator during business hours will NEVER be your experience here. If you call us during business hours, you will get your question answered.


The last factor is cost. For most people that is the first consideration, and we appreciate the need to find an affordable inexpensive attorney. That is why we have a fair-fee guarantee, payment plans and some of the lowest fees in the business – even though we provide a higher level of service than other firms. We will work with you to make sure you can afford to work with us. We have discounts for Teachers, Military, Civil Servants, people with disabilities and many other sectors we like to support. You will be satisfied with the cost and the outcome if you honor us with your matter.